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We have ideas.
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john wilson independent studios is a boutique agency dedicated to keeping business small and personal. We eschew the large firms, big corporate offices and the art-houses in favour of a handful of talented individuals. We reduce overheads, keep costs down, and make every member an integral part of the team. In doing so we can keep a reduced client list and really keep them at the centre of our attention.

Our ambition is to keep it simple.

We can do it all. Really.

Because we're part of a small network of specialists who want to focus their efforts on individual projects: whether it’s a corporate identity or a retail brochure, an event for hundreds or a small product launch, a television commercial, printing mass market paperbacks, websites or even phone applications – we can do it. 

Just ask, we'll figure out the rest.



our work

some of our work over the past few months

  • Island Insurance
  • Feltom 2014
  • MCST
  • Fino
  • ELG Coldmoves
  • ROCS Travel 2013
  • VF
  • Perfumes and More
  • Express Logigroup
  • Jasmine
  • Gaba Gioielli
  • MBB Report
  • ROCS Magazine
  • Corporate Identities
  • ROCS Baby Campaign
  • Say Yes
  • Ellas Food Factory
  • pri-sci-net

Who we are

Get to know the team.

  • john wilson


    John has been a fixture in the UK advertising industry since the late 80’s working on diverse campaigns from soap to sports cars. He wrote a book about his experiences in the advertising business called “Mirages” which since becoming out of print has become an underground cult hit for design students. He has recently relocated to Gozo for the peace and sunshine with his wife and several dogs and indulges in really terrible attempts at carpentry.

  • joseph zammit

    business director

    Joe has a B.Sc (Hons) in management but he’s a lot more interesting than that claims he is. Having worked in almost every kind of business, in every corner of the island Joseph has a true understanding of how this wonderful country ticks and operates. For over ten years he has devoted himself to media and marketing including several governmental campaigns and public events. His true talent is in coordination: sifting through the disorganised chaos of other people and connecting all the dots to reach the final goal in budget and within deadline. He holds the reins at the office and has a good head for numbers. / +356 79873002

  • adam brimmer

    creative director

    “Brimmer” has been working as a commercial designer for twelve years in all forms of media, ranging from newsprint to magazine publication, brand building and creative marketing implementations. He has run teams as great as ten and as few as two, and has juggled the roles of creative and art director, copywriter, film and theatrical direction. He is constantly fascinated by the work of others and loves to surround himself with clever and talented people. Be it a newspaper template to developing international brand - he’s on board for the ride. / +356 7920 5122

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Spreading the word

Setting up an email marketing campaign is easy 
It draws more visits towards your website / activity 
It keeps customers in the loop, enhancing your relational marketing

Sending out emails to potential and existing customers is a great way to keep in touch and let them know of any important news updates, product offers and other information

With the increase of smart-phones, electronic newsletters are a great way to keep close to your customers since email is now always close at hand: indeed a recent survey found that email marketing is the tool of choice for 71% of all local respondents - indicating its important status in the marketing mix..

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